Trouble in
the Garden

Written and Directed by Roz Owen



Trouble in the Garden is touching festival audiences in Canada and abroad. With 2 Best Picture nominations, and 1 acting win, critics and viewers agree; This powerful family drama about the 60’s Scoop is bringing truth, long denied, to light.
Todd James, Global News
An electrifying performance by Cara Gee. Give Trouble in the Garden 4 kernels of popcorn out of 5
Anne Brodie, Rotten Tomatoes
This is a devastating defense of those stolen children and a well-crafted, beautifully acted, heartbreaking film

About the Film

Raven, a radical eco-activist, is jailed for protesting development on disputed Indigenous land. Long estranged from her adoptive family, she never imagined her brother Colin would be the one to bail her out. Compelled to stay at his suburban home, she discovers he's in real estate - pre-selling houses on the very land she's trying to save. Adopted, disowned, and now under house arrest, this is a story of reckoning with betrayal – of love, land, and blood.
Raven Sinclair: Executive Producer and key collaborator, she is a recognized national expert on the 60's Scoop, leading activist for Scoop survivors and Indigenous child welfare and a scoop survivor.
Music composed by Barbara Croall. Plane Song by Twin Flames. We Are Circling song by Buffy Sainte-Marie
“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
George Orwell


Cara Gee
as Raven / Pippa
Jon Cor
as Colin
Fiona Reid
as Lillian
Kelly Van der Burg
as Alice
Frank Moore
as Rob

Rotten Tomatos

"…This is a devastating defence of those stolen children and a well-crafted, beautifully acted, heartbreaking film."

National Post

Trouble in the Garden has the pace and anticipation of a boiling pot of water – it’s a slow burn towards a fierce finish. … an ending that will rock audiences."
Addison Wylie

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