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Recent Acclaim
Kodak New Vision Fellowship Award
2008 OAAG Visual Art Film Award
* AIFF 44th American Indian Film Festival: Nominated for Best Film, Best Director and Best Lead Actor
* Whistler Film Festival “Borsos award”: Nominated for Best Film
* Weengushk International F.F: Cara Gee Nominated for Best Lead actress
* Genie nomination: For best short drama
* Golden Sheath nomination: For best short drama
Her direction is bold, the performances are brave and the result is a film no one is likely to forget.
An electrifying performance by Cara Gee. Give Trouble in the Garden 4 kernels of popcorn out of 5
Trouble in the Garden has the pace and anticipation of a pot of boiling water - it's a slow burn towards a fierce finish .... an ending that will rock audiences.
I’m a Director / Writer with experience across multiple genres from documentaries, feature films, narrative drama and creative arts.
Born in the UK, where she spent her childhood, Roz now lives in Toronto with Jim Miller, editor and producing partner. Working in both drama and documentary, Roz is an award-winning writer/director. Her feature drama, TROUBLE IN THE GARDEN (2019) is now on CBC GEM and Prime Video in 65 countries. Having previously directed episodic television, Roz’s focus in recent years has been on making independent productions. PORTRAIT OF RESISTANCE (2012), her feature documentary about pioneering artist-activists Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge, gained critical acclaim in screenings across Canada and internationally. Her short dramas, including Genie nominated YOU LOVE ME I HATE YOU have shown at festivals around the world including Locarno and TIFF. While penning four dramatic feature scripts, Roz was invited to Praxis and Cinemart and in 2006 she was awarded WIFT’s 2006 KODAK New Vision Fellowship for her writing. She is currently writing a new feature drama, SPLIT ENDS, and looking forward to directing her Canadian UK co-production LOOK BOTH WAYS.