Anti-Amnesiac Productions Inc.
Flipping a person’s thinking, is what drives us to tell the stories we do.
Roz Owen Writer / Director
Roz Owen / Writer / Director
Jim Miller / Producer / Editor
The Partners
PORTRAIT OF RESISTANCE, their first documentary feature, premiered in Toronto at the Planet in Focus and Reel Art Film Festivals, Oct 2011 and Feb. 2012 respectively and has since had many screeings across Canada. Roz has directed two short dramas and is now writing her fourth feature script. As well she has directed children’s television and a doc with dramatic re-enactments about Canada’s first women’s shelter. In 2006 Roz received the Kodak New Vision Award for her feature script CLOSE BEFORE STRIKING. YOU LOVE ME I HATE YOU received both Genie and Golden Sheath nominations for best short drama and had its world premiere at The Locarno International Festival in Switzerland and its Canadian premiere at TIFF followed by numerous international festivals and broadcast licenses.
2008 OAAG Visual Art Film Award
Genie nomination for best short drama
Golden Sheath nomination for best short drama
Current Project in Development
Her mum is dead, her dad is reborn and the girl next door is making life hell. LOOK BOTH WAYS is seen through the eyes of a defiant 10-year-old misfit, Vivian Cubbage, whose family emigrates from a small town in Yorkshire, UK to small-town Canada. Definitely dark and excruciatingly humorous, it is a story of how Vivian copes with the accidental death of her mother and her father’s rebirth as a fundamentalist Christian. Unable to deal with her new born-again dad, Vivian fights to get her ‘old dad’ back again. In the process she finds the courage to be herself while under incredible pressure to conform. Peering into huge life questions through the eyes of an odd-ball child, LOOK BOTH WAYS is a tale of resilience and courage.

Seeking Canadian/UK co-production partners